SPS: Secure Payment System


There are two different types of users that are required and responsible for a Federal Program Agency to submit schedules through SPS.

  • The Data Entry Operator (DEO) creates or imports a schedule and submits the schedule for certification.
  • The Certifying Officer (CO) examines the schedule for content and accura cy. Upon verification, the CO will then certify the schedule, which will result in the schedule being submitted to the Fiscal Service for disbursement.
  • Trusted Registration Agent (TRA) is not a user of SPS, but supports the user with the PKI ikey issuance and management.


TFM: Treasury Financial Manual: To access the required forms, including the Delegation of Authority forms, visit http://tfm.fiscal.treasury.gov/v1/p4/ac300.html and select the PDF version.

Contact the Fiscal Service Kansas City Financial Center SPS Help Desk at 816-414-2340 or e-mail kfc.sps.help.desk@fiscal.treasury.gov for any questions or additional information.

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