Payment Information Repository (PIR)

Getting Started

PIR Security and Enrollment

PIR is secured under provisions of the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) and other federal laws and regulations for IT systems security that apply.

Access to PIR data is based on the Agency Location Code (ALC). The ALC is a unique identifier assigned to every agency for reporting receipts and disbursements.

A PIR user must request and be granted access to view ALC data by an ALC approver. ALC approvers are assigned to each agency and have the responsibility of ensuring that PIR users have a business justification and - "need to know" for accessing ALC data.

Enrollment in PIR is a multi-step process. See the documents below for detailed instructions on the enrollment process.

Enrollment Process

Enrollment Forms:

Agency Location Code (ALC) Approver Forms

These forms may be e-mailed to the PIR Help Desk at PIR.Help.Desk@fiscal.treasury.gov. These forms will also need to be mailed to the PIR Helpdesk (listed in the ALC Approvers Form).

What should I do if I do not have a PKI Token?

To ensure your continued access to the system, please request a token using the three steps outlined below.

PKI Token Request Process
1 Click on the link below to open the PKI Certificate Action Form:
PKI Certificate Action Form PDF document
2 Enter information in the following sections:
  • Check the New Subscriber Box in Block 1 and complete associated fields.
  • Check the box for Enterprise Certificate
  • Check the box for Rudimentary
  • Enter PIR in the Business System Requiring Certificate section
  • Complete Block 2 section of the form by inputting Subscriber information
3 E-mail the form to: PIR.Help.Desk@fiscal.treasury.gov

NOTE: Please allow two weeks for PKI token requests to be completed

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