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Payment Application Modernization (PAM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my agency have to use the PAM Standard Payment Request (SPR) file format?

Yes. The PAM SPR file format is required and is available upon request. Please e-mail FS.AgencyOutreach@fiscal.treasury.gov to obtain the latest version (5.0.0 dated August 9, 2012).

Will multiple types of payments be allowed in the Standard Payment Request (SPR)?

The Standard Payment Request allows for more than one schedule in the bulk file, with only one type of payment per schedule (Vendor, Miscellaneous, Travel, Benefit, etc.). Each schedule can only contain one method of payment (ACH or Check).

What are the file transmission options for sending bulk payment requests?

Either Connect:Direct or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) will be supported for submitting bulk files to Treasury.

What is the difference between Type A and B payments?

Type A payments are payment requests made through the Secure Payment System (SPS). Detail payment information can be typed into the SPS system or imported into SPS using the 440 format.

Agencies provide both detail payment and summary information for certification through SPS for Type A Payments.

Type B payments are payment requests made using a bulk file and are submitted using Connect:Direct or SFTP. Detail payment information is included on the bulk file with the summary information being provided through SPS for certification of the payment requests.

My agency´s payment software is provided by an outside vendor/contractor. Can they attend Treasury training sessions or webinars?

Yes, they are encouraged to attend the training sessions or webinars along with representatives from your agency.

The training schedule is listed on the Training Opportunities page. Each session description includes a list of recommended participants.

Will PAM validate Treasury Account Symbol/ Business Event Type Codes (TAS/BETCs) in my bulk payment file?

No, PAM will not validate TAS/BETCs. PAM will, however, compare TAS/BETC information received in the bulk file to TAS/BETC information received with the certification.

PAM will create a report for GWA/CARS with any differences found between the TAS/BETC information provided with the detail payments in the bulk file and the certification received through SPS.

Payments will not be delayed due to TAS/BETC differences found. To correct the TAS/BETC reporting, you will need to re-classify the payments using the CARS application.

What Standard Entry Class codes are allowed for the PAM SPR format?

PAM allows for the following three digit code defined by NACHA to characterize the nature of the ACH transaction.

  • PPD (Prearranged Payment and Deposit Entry) is an entry initiated by an organization according to a standing or a single entry authorization from a receiver to effect a transfer of funds to impact a consumer account of the receiver.
  • CCD (Cash Concentration or Disbursement entry) is an entry initiated by an organization to affect a transfer of funds to impact the account of that organization or another organization.
  • IAT (International ACH Transaction) is a payment that involves a financial agency´s office that is not located in the United States.
  • CTX (Corporate Trade Exchange) is a corporate format which allows for up to 9,999 addenda records allowing full and complete remittance information to be transmitted with a single payment.

What is an International ACH Transaction (IAT) payment?

  • ACH Transaction
  • U.S. Dollar
  • Payee Address is Foreign (Puerto Rico and Guam are considered U.S. Territories)
  • Domestic Bank with 9 digit RTN
  • Separate schedule with a Standard Entry Class Code of IAT
  • Goes through Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) screening

What is the difference between an IAT payment and an ITS.gov foreign payment?

ITS.gov is used for payments with a foreign currency that includes a Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) code and International Banking Account Number (IBAN).

IAT is an ACH payment in U.S. dollars going to a domestic bank with a payee´s address as Foreign.

If I want to test with PAM, who do I contact?

Send an email to PAM.SAT@fiscal.treasury.gov defining your test scope & requirements. Also provide desired testing dates.

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