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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Relevant Law, Regulations, Guidance

Laws relating to Electronic Funds Transfer

Regulations relating to Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Management of federal agency disbursements
    Final rule, (12/10/10), 31 CFR Part 208
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  • Prepaid cards
    (how federal payments can be made to prepaid debit cards that meet certain criteria)
    Interim final rule, (12/22/10), 31 CFR 210 (part of the ACH rule)
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  • Garnishment
    (how financial institutions must act when they get a garnishment order against an account holder who receives certain types of federal benefits by direct deposit)
    Final rule, (6/28/13), 31 CFR, Part 212

Quick links for garnishment

Green Book, A Guide to Federal Government ACH Payments;
(Chapter 2, Part F and Appendix) – For information on how to identify exemptions to garnishment in federal benefit payments – and other related information
Frequently asked questions about garnishment
for agencies and financial institutions

  • Federal Acquisition Regulation; Electronic Funds Transfer
    (FAR EFT), (about collecting EFT information in contracting)
    Final rule, (2/25/99), 48 CFR Parts 13, 16, 32, 52
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
    Final rule, (9/23/11), 31 CFR Part 210
    PDF File | HTML File

Guidance for federal agency staff

Quick links for making postage payments

Guidance for vendors

  • EFT Vendor Payments Policy Guidance
    The EFT rule (31 CFR Part 208) requires that most federal payments be made electronically
    Waivers are available to agencies and to individual recipients, However, no waivers are available to vendors. As a result, any vendor of the Federal government is required to receive payment by EFT.
  • Vendor payments and the delivery of payment-related information:
    For vendors: What you need to know about the process and what to ask your financial institution
  • Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX):
    A corporate ACH format that allows for up to 9,999 addenda records with approximately 800,000 characters, making it possible for one payment to cover multiple invoices

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