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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Payment Formats: Check and EFT

Bulk Data Formats for Salary and Vendor/Miscellaneous Payments

The following formats are for Treasury disbursed agencies to transmit via bulk data to their servicing Regional Financial Center (RFC).

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Daily EFT Payment Formats
CPSS: 08.90.017.
Salary Checks
CPSS: 07.90.002.
Vendor/ Miscellaneous Checks
CPSS: 19.90.001.
01-Volume Label 02-Header and Volume Label 01-Standard Label Record; Hdr Volume
(updated May 2005)
02-Header and Trailer Records 00-Data Record Line Code 1&2 02-Standard Label Record; Hdr1 & EOF1
03-Header and Trailer Records 01-Data Record Line Code 3 03-Standard Label Record; Hdr2 & EOF2
04-Control Header Record
(updated May 2009)
02-Data Record Line Code 4 01-Enclosure Code O-Designated Agent (Name Only) 11/
(updated May 2005)
05-Vendor/Misc. & Preauthorized Debit Data Record (CCD+)
(updated May 2009)
01-Data Record Line Code 5 02-Enclosure Code 1 - Direct Mail Check (No Enclosure) 11/
(updated May 2005)
06-Salary or Travel Payment Data Record (PPD+)
(updated May 2009)
02-Data Record Line Code 6 03-Enclosure Code 2 - Check Issue/ Notice to Check Recipient 11/
(updated May 2005)
07-Control Trailer Record - Ven/Misc & PAD (CCD+)
(updated May 2009)
03-Data Record Line Code 7 04-Enclosure Code 3- Direct Mail Check(Manual Enclosure) 11/
(updated May 2005)
08-Control Trailer Record - Salary & Travel (PPD+)
(updated May 2009)
04-Data Record Line Code 8 05-Enclosure Code 4 - Transportation Payment (With Tear-Off Slip) 11/
(updated May 2005)
19-(CCD+) Vendor Payment, No Interest, No Discount Addenda Example 05-Data Record Line Code 9
(updated December 2003)
01-Agency Location Code Control Record 3/
(updated May 2005)
20-(CCD+)Vendor Payment with Interest Penalty Addenda Example 04-End of File or Volume Label 02-Agency Billing Address Control Record 4/
(updated May 2005)
21-(CCD+)Vendor Payment with Discount Addenda Example 00-Control Records 03-Segment Control Record 3/
(updated May 2005)
22-(PPD+)Travel Payment, No Interest, No Discount Addenda Example   04-Job Control Record 2/
(updated May 2005)
23-(PPD+)Travel Payment with Interest Payment Addenda Example    
24-(CCD+) Vendor Payment, Child Support Payments    

Additional information contact your servicing Regional Financial Center:

Kansas City Financial Center
(816) 414-2100
Philadelphia Financial Center
(215) 516-8022

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