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Using your EagleCash card

Where can I use my EagleCash card?

Any place that takes EagleCash has a Point of Sale machine.

When you are buying something, the cashier tells you when to put your EagleCash card into the point-of-sale machine.

As soon as you put your card in the machine, it shows how much money you have left on the card.

The cashier enters the amount of your purchase, and you see that amount on the machine. You have to enter your PIN to approve the sale.

You press "Yes" to approve the sale.

That amount is deducted from your card. The machine shows you your new balance (how much is left on your card after your purchase). You will get a receipt from the machine.

The machine releases your card.

Can I change my mind and not complete the purchase?

You can press "No" after the cashier enters your purchase amount to cancel your purchase.

What if I don't have enough money on my card?

If the cost of your purchase is more than the amount left on your card, you can

  • pay with what you have left on your card, and pay the rest with another acceptable form of payment, such as cash, check, or a credit or debit card,
  • load more funds on the card from a nearby kiosk, or
  • cancel the purchase

What if I don't think the machine is giving me the correct balance?

If you think your card has more (or less) money on it than the point-of-sale machine shows, you can get a list of all your recent EagleCash transactions (the last 10) from the kiosk (if your base has one) or the base Finance Office. You can also get help from the local Finance Office or contact the customer assistance center.

Do I get charged fees by the EagleCash card program?

The program does not charge fees for any reason, but your bank may charge a fee if you load funds that are not available to the card.

Have you addressed any of the misconceptions about the EagleCash card?

Yes – see our video:

Soldier describing EagleCash
Video: Mythbuster: the Eagle Cash Card

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