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Check Claims

Checks & Payments

Click on the questions below for answers about checks and payments.

  • Why did I get this check?

    I have received a federal payment from Treasury and I do not know what it is for. How can I find out who authorized the payment and why it was issued?

  • Direct Deposit

    What is direct deposit and how can I sign up?

  • Missing/expired federal check payments

    A check payment issued to me by the Treasury Department is either lost or may have been stolen. What must I do to have it reissued?

    How do I get an expired check reissued?

    I am interested in receiving my federal payment electronically (direct deposit) instead of a check payment. What must I do?

    I do not have a bank account, but I would like to find out about opening one so that I can receive my payment by direct deposit. What must I do?

  • Name/address/status changes

    I just moved and now have a new address. I have changed banks. What do I need to do?

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