Check Claims

When a person who receives government payments for an entitlement or an administrative program has a problem related to the payment, the Check Claims group within the Bureau of the Fiscal Service processes the claim.

What We Do

The Check Claims group:

  • promptly adjudicates and settles check claims against the U.S. government
  • investigates and responds to questions about check claims that come from many sources, including Congressional offices, the White House, federal program agencies, financial institutions, Federal Reserve Banks, and payees
  • processes requests for certified and regular images of U.S. Treasury checks from the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Attorneys' Offices, Agency Offices of the Inspector General, and Military Investigative Commands
  • performs continuous analysis on check claims
  • works to adjudicate claims efficiently
  • offers onsite training for federal employees about our processes and services

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For more information about a claim, contact us at 855-868-0151 (toll free) or e-mail us at:


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