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Check Claims: Check State Codes

Check State Codes for Use by Federal Government Agencies

Cancelled by ACC: A check authorized for issuance by a Federal Program Agency (FPA) has been returned to the Regional Financial Center (RFC) and cancelled (paid). The RFC returns the credit to the FPA on an SF 1098 schedule.
Administrative Cancellation: A report has been generated from TCIS to the issuing Agency that the check is over 6 months old and has not been cashed.
Declined: A check presented for payment to the Treasury bearing an altered amount has been returned (payment) declined to the Federal Reserve Bank.
Check Payment: There is a payment in TCIS for this check; however, the payment information is archived. Contact CCB to restore payment information.
Outstanding Issue: A check issue item has been recorded by the system, but the matching paid item (i.e., the payment item with the same Check/Serial Number) has not.
Limited Payability: The check was not cashed in the 1 year timeframe (Public Law 100-86). The Treasury has returned funds to the FPA.
Unreconciled Issue/Payment: A check issue item and a check paid item with the same Check/Symbol/Serial Number have been recorded, but they are not reconciled because the amounts are not the same.
Null: There is no issue or paid data pertaining to the check. An Outstanding Payment that was reversed by Treasury's Check Reconciliation Branch with the reverse paid transaction would result in the Null state. In most instances, however, the Null state is the default when no data have entered TCIS.
Paid No Issue (PNI): A check paid has been recorded by TCIS but the matching check issue information has not been received from the FPA or NTDO.
Reconciled Issue/Payment: A check issue item and a check payment item have been matched and reconciled in Treasury's TCIS System.
UCC Cancellation: A nonreceipt was recorded on a check issue item and credit returned to the FPA because the check had not been cashed.
Zero Issue: No funds available. A check issue item has been voided by the Disbursing Officer.

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