Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The ASAP team deployed release 22.0 on March 26th. Besides remediating emerging security threats, this release includes new fields to provide greater transparency for federal spending and “in-flight” payment activity. To learn more, please read "What's New in Release 22" in our March 2016 Newsletter.

The Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP), is a secure, web-based all electronic payment and information application that allows federal agencies to choose from three payment models to fit their financial needs and streamline operations at no charge to federal agencies and their recipients.

  • Grant Payment Program: Allows grantee "recipient" organizations to draw from accounts pre-authorized by federal agencies.
  • 1031/Letter of Credit (LOC) Payment Program: Makes reimbursement payments to financial agents for financial services performed for either Fiscal Service or other federal agencies.
  • Debit Card Payment Program:  Allows federal agencies to quickly provide the flexibility of cash with the added protection of a loadable debit card in order to reduce liability.
Benefits Features
• ASAP is a secure, web-based service • Unlimited Report Access
• ASAP is designed for federal agencies and their recipients • Flexible payment options
• Saves time and money • Agency backend automated processing
• Improves financial management • Financial Notification Services
• Reduces the cost and liability of having funds held outside of the Treasury • Live customer support

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  • The handbooks and guides are under review and will be provided at a later day

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