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Treatise on Federal Nontax Debt Collection Law

Fiscal Service will publish this Treatise incrementally in several parts. We will expand the Table of Contents as we draft new chapters. You may access completed chapters using the active links below. These chapters represent the views of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. They do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Treasury.

Table of Contents

CoverPDF document

IntroductionPDF document

AcknowledgementsPDF document

Part I. Foundational Concepts Applicable to Federal Nontax Debt CollectionPDF document

Part II. Elements of a Federal Nontax DebtPDF document

Part III. The Federal Nontax Debt Collection ProcessPDF document

  • Chapter A. Contact with the Debtor and Information Gathering
  • Chapter B. Payment and Resolution of Debt
  • Chapter C. Referral of Debts to Treasury or Other Debt Collection Centers
  • Chapter D. OffsetPDF document
  • Chapter E. Administrative Wage Garnishment
  • Chapter F. Use of Private Collection Contractors
  • Chapter G. Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Chapter H. Barring Delinquent Debtors
Part IV. Suspension & Termination of Collection ActionPDF document

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