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Resources for Federal Creditor and Payment Agencies

Our goal is to provide a broad range of services, to be more responsive to the needs of client agencies, and to bring about more equity and uniformity in how the U.S. Government treats its delinquent debtors. We provide these services through a network linking our own debt collection expertise and capabilities with those of the Federal Program Agencies' Debt Collection Centers, private collection agencies and the U.S. Department of Justice.

DMS Tools & Resources for Agencies

Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG)
Information and links to rules and procedures governing administrative wage garnishment, forms and the AWG Hearing Training Manual.

Centralized Receivables Service (CRS) Program
CRS is a service provided to federal agencies to assist them in the management of accounts receivables.

Cross-Servicing is the process whereby federal agencies refer delinquent debts to Treasury for collection.

Debt Collection Authorities
Public laws, statutes and other authorities related to the collection of delinquent debts owed to the government.

Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2013 (DATA Act)
A bill to expand the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 to increase accountability and transparency in federal spending, and for other purposes.

Do Not Pay
Do Not Pay is for programs administered and/or funded by the federal government to help prevent, reduce and stop improper payments from being made, and to identify and mitigate fraud, waste and abuse.

Due Process
Minimum Due Process Guidelines: Denial of Federal Financial Assistance Pursuant to Executive Order 13,019.

For administrative wage garnishment, annual debt certification, authorization for the release of information, Cross-Servicing and Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation.

Guides, Policies & Instructions
Manuals, instructions and guides for agencies.

Managing Federal Receivables
Provides federal agencies with a general overview of standards, guidelines and procedures for the successful management of federal activities ranging from the extension of credit or financial assistance to closing-out uncollectible debts.

Reports & Statistics
Annual Report to the States; Reports to Congress and the President; Treasury Report on Receivables (TROR); debt collection statistics.

Treasury Financial Manual
TFM Volume I, Part 4–Chapter 4000 PDF document
Debt Management Services Collection of Delinquent Nontax Debt (T/L 668)

Treasury Offset Program (TOP)
The Treasury Offset Program is a centralized offset program for collecting delinquent debts owed to federal agencies and states.

Treasury Report on Receivables (TROR):

Workshops & Events
Debt collection training and Webinars.

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Other Resources
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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Frequently Asked Questions
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) administers the Medicare, Medicaid, HIPAA, CLIA and several other health-related programs.

Code of Federal Regulations
Search the Code of Federal Regulations through the National Archives and Records Administration.

IRS's Collection Financial Standards
Internal Revenue Service's Collection Financial Standards are used to help determine a taxpayer's ability to pay a delinquent tax liability.

Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Documents available include OMB Circulars: instructions or information issued by OMB to federal agencies; selected OMB Bulletins: guidance to other federal agencies of a more transitory nature; regulations and paperwork under OMB Review; Federal Register Submissions: copies of proposed and final rule submissions to the Federal Register; and other OMB publications of interest.

U.S. Government Printing Office: FDsys
Free online access to official publications from all three branches of the federal government.

Other Resources

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) administers the Medicare, Medicaid, HIPAA, CLIA and several other health-related programs.

Visit CMS.gov's FAQ page

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Assists state governments in operating and managing their programs effectively and in conforming with federal requirements.

Visit the Office of Child-Support Enforcement (OCSE)

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