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Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System (GTAS)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to best ensure that my Adjusted Trial Balance (ATB) file is successfully processed the first time?

First, ensure your Adjusted Trial Balance (ATB) file is in the standard bulk file format.

If you would like to submit a bulk file with a number of TAS's, it's best to group each TAS together by the TAS Components (Allocation Transfer Agency Identifier, Agency Identifier, Beginning Period of Availability, Ending Period of Availability, Availability Type Code, Main Account Code and Sub Account Code) on your file.

How can I tell if my ATB file has been successfully processed?

You can check the " My ATB Status page" to see if your file has been processed or not.

If your TAS is still processing, it will be on the "Not Submitted" tab. Also, the system will display a message in "My ATB Status" outlined in red stating, "One or more of your assigned TAS are being processed."

You can click on the View Details link in order to see which TAS is still processing. Once the TAS has processed successfully, it will drop off from the "TAS in Progress" area.

If the TAS has completed processing, the TAS will display on the Failed Validations, Failed Edits, or Passed Required Edits tabs. The Upload Date and User ID fields will display the date the bulk file was uploaded and the User ID of the Preparer.

You can also search by TAS to view the Submission Status.

If you do not see your TAS, or if your TAS is still on the Not Submitted tab, it's likely that your ATB file is still processing. Check back periodically for an updated upload status, and resubmit the following day if you still do not see your TAS.

What do I need to know about resubmitting my ATB file?

If you are resubmitting your ATB file, resubmit for each TAS. If your TAS is already certified and you resubmit, it will no longer be in a certified status, and you will need to re-certify.

When is the deadline for submitting my ATB files and certifying my TAS?

Please refer to the GTAS Reporting Window Schedule.

Should I submit for all of my TAS's?

You should submit for most of your TAS's. At this time, there is no need to submit C-TAS's. C-TAS's are not required for reporting purposes. The GTAS team is looking into enhancements to reporting the C-TAS.

What to keep in mind when running my SF133 report?

Please be aware that in GTAS, the SF 133 is a quarterly report (Periods 03, 06, 09, and 12).

What this means is that you will only see quarterly reporting information on the report. We've discussed the importance of making a change to allow the SF 133 to run on a monthly basis and we look forward to making that available in the future.

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