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Governmentwide Financial Report System (GFRS)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the GFRS?

GFRS is an Oracle based internet application customized to meet the business needs of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to collect financial data used to prepare the Financial Report of the United States (FR).

The system is designed to grant certain permissions to different user roles that will allow each user to navigate to the separate modules within the system. Only certain roles will have permission to input data, modify data, and approve data.

What is the Closing Package?

The Closing Package is a prescribed format of financial statements needed to prepare the Financial Report of the United States Government (FR).The closing package is a designed methodology used to link agencies’ comparative, audited consolidated, department-level financial statements to the FR.

Who is required to prepare the Closing Package?

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or the designee of selected agencies must prepare and submit the Closing Package. Agencies provide their department-level comparative, audited, financial statements data via GFRS. The inspector general (IG) of each verifying agency must approve the Closing Package data.

How do I know what information to submit in GFRS?

The TFM - I TFM 2-4700: Agency Reporting Requirements for the Financial Report of the United States Government describes how agencies provide data for inclusion to the Financial Report of the Unites States Government. It also provides the closing package background. The link to the TFM is as follows: I TFM 2-4700.

When do agencies have to submit the Closing Package via GFRS?

The FR Reporting and Submission Dates can be found in Figure 2 I TFM 2-4700: Agency Reporting Requirements for the Financial Report of the United States Government.

Is there a GFRS User Manual?

The GFRS User Manual is available at the following link:GFRS User Manual (PDF, 2.99 MB)

Working with GFRS

Can I get training to work with GFRS?

No classroom training is available. However, you can practice with GFRS BETA before using the real system.

If you want access to GFRS BETA, send an email to a GFRS System Administrator. (On the Contacts page, scroll down to find the list of GFRS System Administrators.)

How do I access GFRS?

To access GFRS you will need to get an ITIM single sign on user ID and password. To get access to ITIM call 1 877-440-9476.

Once you have accessed the ITIM system you can request access to GFRS.

After access is granted you just click on the GFRS link to begin using the application. https://gfrs.fiscal.treasury.gov:8888/forms/frmservlet?config=app

I can't enter data in any of the GFRS modules. Why not?

You may not have the right "role." Only people with the role FPA (Federal Program Agency) can enter data in GFRS.

To check your role, contact a GFRS System Administrator.

What information must I submit?

The Treasury Financial Manual, 1 TFM 2-4700 tells you what to include and how to include it.

May two or more people use the system at the same time?

Two or more people can work with GFRS as long as they are each working on a different part of the system. Only one person can work on a particular module or note at one time.

Must I complete the modules in order?

Modules GF006 and GF007: You can complete these modules in any order.
Module GF008: Yes, you must complete the tabs in this module in order. You must mark each tab as "Completed" before your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can "Lock" and "Approve" that tab. The Inspector General for your agency can only verify each tab after the CFO has locked and approved it.

Must I put in prior year data?

No. The system automatically puts in prior year data.

Must I put negative and positive signs with each amount?

For most amounts, you do not need a sign. The system knows whether the number is positive or negative.

If you want to report an abnormal amount, you must include the sign. For example, in GF006, for Property, Plant, and Equipment. for the line "Deletions from the Balance Sheet," you must include a negative sign because this account normally has a debit balance.

All modules: Why can't I uncheck the "Final Flag" box?

You must open the modules in reverse order.
  • If you or your CFO have "locked" GF008, you must unlock it before you can change any other module.
  • Even if you have not gotten that far, you must uncheck the "Final Flag" box working back through the modules. For example, if you need to edit data in GF002, you must first uncheck the "Final Flag" box from GF004, then GF003, then GF002.

GF006 and GF007: Can I copy and paste text?

Yes, you can copy and paste text for the questions in GF006 and GF007 that require text. Maximum characters for each response: 4,000.

GF006 and GF007: How can I put in a note with no data?

  1. In the "Agency Notes" box, write N/A.
  2. (GF006 only) For the "Line Item Notes" tab, do nothing.
  3. For the "Other Notes Info" tab, check the "No Data" box on the bottom left of the screen.
  4. For the "Other Text Data" tab, check the "No Data" box on the bottom left of the screen.

GF008: Why can't I sign off?

What you need to do depends on the role you have.
Your role What you need to do
Federal Program Agency See that all modules have the "Final Flag" box checked.
Chief Financial Officer See that all tabs in GF008 are marked as "Completed."
Inspector General See that all tabs in GF008 are marked as "Locked" and "Approved."

Can you help us check our data?

An agency may request edit checks. However, we can only generate edit checks once a day in the morning on the data that you submit the day before.

To whom do we submit our Closing Package?

The Contacts page lists the appropriate person for each agency.

Why have my statuses in Completions and Approvals changed to Reopen or Unlock?

This occurs when GTAS data has been modified since the last time the data was transferred from GTAS to GFRS. When this occurs, the Completion and Approval Statuses are changed to Reopen or Unlock based on the User Role and the FR Note Status is changed to In-Progress in FR Notes Module. All In-Progress FR Notes will need to be reviewed and Completions and Approvals will need to be redone.

Why don’t I see the data from my last bulk file or Manual Adjustment in GTAS on the GFRS “GTAS Closing Package Lines Loaded Report (GF005G)”?

If the last time the Bulk File or the Manual Adjustments in GTAS was certified after or close to the date and time of the last GTAS CPL Load then the data may not be visible on the GF005G report.

Resolving technical problems

How do I change my password?

Call the FRB St. Louis Help Desk at 1-877-440-9476 or e-mail GFRS@stls.frb.org.

Why do I get an error message ("logged on failed") when I click on the link for GFRS?

Your password may not meet the GFRS requirements. These are different from the requirements for other GOALS II IAS programs. Because of GFRS, your password for all GOALS II IAS programs must now meet GFRS requirements. Call the FRB St. Louis Help Desk at 1-877-440-9476 or email GFRS@stls.frb.org.

Why do I get a blank screen?

You may not have the right setup. Check to be sure you are using the right operating system and programs for GFRS. See Getting started with GFRS.

If you need further help, go to your agency's IT department.

When I click on the GFRS link why do I get an Oracle Access Manager blue page: Error: System error. Please re-try your action. If you continue to get this error, please contact the Administrator.

Delete the browsing history, temporary Internet files and cookies and make sure you do NOT save the GFRS logon link in your favorites or bookmarks.

Use this URL to access GFRS: https://gfrs.fiscal.treasury.gov

Why does Internet Explorer close when I click on the GFRS hyperlink?

This is due to a firewall issue. Go to Start>Control Panel>Switch to Classic View>JInitiator> Proxies tab and uncheck the "Use browser settings" box. If you don’t have administrative rights to your PC, you will need your IT department's help.

Why does the system lock up or respond very slowly, especially when the Closing Package deadline is near?

Close to the deadline, the system may be slow because many people are working on it. The best way to avoid this slowness is to complete your Closing Package early.

If you think this is not the reason for the system's slowness, call the FRB St. Louis Help Desk at 1-877-440-9476 or email GFRS@stls.frb.org.

If I have other problems getting to GFRS, who can help me?

Call the FRB St. Louis Help Desk at 1-877-440-9476 or e-mail GFRS@stls.frb.org.

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