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2010 Financial Report of the United States Government

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Administration Directives

Annual Financial Reports or Performance and Accountability Reports for Agencies and significant entities Included in the government-wide report

  1. Agencies Subject to Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990

  2. Certain Entities per Accountability for Tax Dollars Act (11)

Authority for Consolidated, Audited Annual Financial Report

Budget of the U.S. Government (The President’s Budget)

Economic Recovery Efforts

Federal Accounting Standards and Concepts

Financial Reform

Financial Reporting Requirements and Guidance

Other Treasury Financial Reports

TARP Direct Loans, Equity Investments, and Asset Guarantees

  • Capital Purchase Program
  • American International Group, Inc. Investment Program
  • Targeted Investment Program
  • Automotive Industry Financing Program
  • Consumer and Business Lending Initiative
  • Public- Private Investment Program
  • Asset Guarantee Program

Trustees Reports - Medicare and Social Security

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