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ACH Payment Processing


This chapter provides information about how federal government ACH payments are processed.

It also contains valuable information on payment dates and information to assist in identifying Treasury disbursed payments.

(available in PDF format only)

March 2018 Revision (531 kb) PDF document


A. Financial Organization Master File (FOMF) 2-3
Purpose 2-3
Financial Institution Responsibility 2-3
Changes to Financial Institution Name and Mailing Address 2-3
Changes to Routing Numbers 2-3
New Depository Institutions 2-4
B. Federal Government ACH Processing 2-4
General Flow 2-4
Prenotification 2-4
Payment Formats 2-4
Account Requirements 2-4
Misdirected Payments 2-6
Availability of Funds 2-7
Electronic Transfer Account (ETA) 2-7
C. Federal ACH Payment Schedule 2-7
D. Identifying Treasury Disbursed Payments 2-7
Regional Financial Center/Routing Number Table 2-8
Consumer Payment Formats 2-9
Standard Entry Class Code 2-9
Payment Types 2-10
Identifying the Paying Agency/Payment Type for Treasury Disbursed Payments 2-11
Identifying the Payee for Treasury Disbursed Payments 2-12
E. Identifying Non-Treasury Disbursed Payments 2-13
Identifying the Paying Agency/Payment Type for Non-Treasury Disbursed Payments 2-13
Identifying the Payee for Non-Treasury Disbursed Payments 2-14
F. Garnishment of Federal Benefits 2-15
Appendix "Guidelines for Garnishments of Accounts Containing Federal Benefit Payments" 2-16

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