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Fiscal Service Regional Financial Centers

Kansas City Financial Center   816-414-2100
Philadelphia Financial Center   855-868-0151, Option 1

Debt Management Services

Debt Management Center
(for matters related to a delinquent debt notice from the Department of the Treasury)
Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Call Center
(for questions regarding the offset of your federal tax refund or offset of another U.S. government-issued payment)
TDD number: 866-297-0517

Facilities-Related Issues

James Friday   202-874-8340
Tracie Middleton   202-874-6950

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ON DIRECT EXPRESS CARD: Please do NOT contact the Treasury Department with questions about card issuance, card cancellation, lost or stolen cards, or specific card transactions. We do not maintain or have direct access to this information. Instead, please contact Direct Express Customer Service at 1-888-741-1115 or visit www.USDirectExpress.com.

ON GRANTS AND LOANS: The Department of the Treasury generally does not administer any financial assistance, loan, or loan guarantee programs to individuals or businesses, nor does Congress set aside any monies for grants to start and/or expand a small business. For more information and links to related resources see Grants and Loans: Questions and Answers.

ON UNCLAIMED ASSETS: There is no governmentwide, centralized information service or database on how unclaimed government assets may be obtained. Each individual federal agency maintains its own records. For more information see the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

SYSTEMS ACCESS: If you are experiencing trouble accessing or enrolling in one of Fiscal Service' online systems, check our contact information page.

Report technical or accessibility problems to FSInternet@fiscal.treasury.gov.


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Our Other Major Websites


TreasuryDirect is the first and only financial services website that lets you buy and redeem Treasury securities, including U.S. Savings Bonds, directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form.

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The Administrative Resource Center works with federal agencies to improve the agency's success by delivering responsive, customer-focused, cost-effective administrative support.

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Do Not Pay

The Do Not Pay Business Center was developed to support federal agencies in their efforts to reduce the number of improper payments.

Visit Do Not Pay


A free service offered by the Department of the Treasury to help business and individual taxpayers conveniently pay all their federal taxes electronically.


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