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Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Collection Improvement Act

These questions apply to the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996; click for DCIA background information, or see public laws, statutes, executive orders, or the Code of Federal Regulations governing debt collection.

Debts Included in the DCIA

"Debt" or "claim" (used synonymously) means any amount of funds or property that an appropriate official of the Federal Government has determined is owed to the United States by a person, organization, or entity other than another federal agency. Most of the debt collection provisions of the DCIA apply to non-tax debt.

Notification Requirements

Waiver of Computer Matching Requirements of the Privacy Act

Salary Offset of Government Corporation Employees

Credit Bureau Reports & Reporting to Credit Bureaus

Download Guide to the Federal Credit Bureau Program PDF

Taxpayer Identifying Numbers

Interest, Penalties, & Costs

Barring Delinquent Debtors from Receiving Loans/Credit

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