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Report a Lost or Stolen Check

Contact the paying agency and report the loss or theft. You will be sent information on the check claims process, including forms you must return for processing.

After you have completed all the required steps, you can call and request and update of the status of your claim:


Find Information About a Payment

If you received a check or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payment from Treasury and do not know why it was sent to you, the regional financial center (RFC) that sent the payment can provide more information. To determine which RFC to contact, select the type of payment and follow the instructions below.

If the payment is a Treasury check: the city and state of the RFC are printed at the top center of the check. Once you have determined which RFC sent the payment- either Philadelphia (now Modernization, Innovation, and Payment Resolution) or Kansas City (now Federal Disbursement Services) - contact them to see which federal agency authorized the check.

If the payment is an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payment: the Company/Batch Header Record contains information about the payment in the form of codes and symbols. Match these to the following to determine what the symbols on your payment represent:

Symbol Number

Located in Field 3 - Company Name - of the Company/Batch Header Record. Each Symbol Number corresponds to a RFC:

Austin Regional Financial Center (Austin, TX)
Kansas City Regional Financial Center (Kansas City, MO) (now Federal Disbursement Services)
Philadelphia Regional Financial Center (Philadelphia, PA) (now Modernization, Innovation, and Payment Resolution)

Routing Number

Located in Field 12 - Originating DFI Identification - of the Company/Batch Header Record.

Sample Company/Batch Header Record

The following is an example Company/Batch Header Record from an EFT payment, to illustrate the locations of the various numbers. Note: a ‘2’ in field 11 identifies the Originator as a federal government entity or agency.

RFC Symbol Number:
220 (Corresponding to Austin RFC)
Routing Number:
111036183 (Vendor/Miscellaneous Payments)

Replace an Expired Check

If you have an expired Treasury check, you must contact the federal agency which authorized issuance of the check payment. They will be able to reissue your check.

Update My Name/Address

Fiscal Service is unable to make any changes in your payment information. To update personal information- name, address, bank, etc.- connected to your federal payment, contact the federal agency that pays you. Agencies maintain payment records and can update them at your direction. To avoid any possible delays in receiving your payments, notify the paying agency immediately following any changes.

If you are due a refund payment from the Internal Revenue Service, you must notify that agency of any changes in your payment information.

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of a federal payment owed to you into your checking, share draft, or savings account. It is safer, more secure and more convenient than receiving your payment by check. You must have a bank account to receive your payments by direct deposit.

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

1-800-333-1795 (English)
1-800-333-1792 (Espanol)

Enroll by Paying Agency

You may contact the government agency that pays you. For most agencies, the first step is to complete the direct deposit enrollment form. Be sure to verify with your bank the routing and account number information that is required. Return the completed form to the paying agency or to your bank.

International Enrollment

For information on International Direct Deposit, please visit the Social Security Administration's website. Scroll to the section entitled "GN 02402: Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI" and select the country in which you wish to receive your direct deposit payment.

Attention Railroad Retirement Beneficiaries: The Railroad Retirement Board offers International Direct Deposit (IDD) of benefit payments to beneficiaries residing in a number of countries. For more information, and to download the form, please

Paying Agency Information

For a list of common paying agencies, see below. If none of these are correct, consult the documentation contained with your usual payments.

Social Security Administration
SSA Website
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
IRS Website
Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Website
Office of Personnel Management
OPM Website
Railroad Retirement Board
RRD Website
312-751-4701 (TTY)
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Used for all Department of Defense payments
DFAS Website

Last modified 01/26/23